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DMV eye exams help identify men and women who need corrective lenses in order to drive safely. At James Leonard Opticians in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, and Midtown Manhattan, we offer DMV exams for patients throughout New York City to help them stay safe and legal behind the wheel.

DMV Exam

What is a DMV vision test?

DMV vision tests include exams and assessments to determine a person's vision needs about safely and legally using a motor vehicle. Tests evaluate how well a person can see objects at different distances and under different conditions, as well as measuring some other factors that can affect vision and driving, like color perception. During the exam, general vision will be assessed using a standard assessment system called the Snellen Visual Acuity Scale, which uses a series of letters or other characters to determine how clearly a person can see at different distances. DMV vision tests are focused specifically on vision needs as they relate to driving, and are not as inclusive as a comprehensive vision exam. DMV exams can also determine if a person has other vision issues, like problems driving at night, so special lenses can be prescribed when needed.

Do all drivers in New York have to have a DMV eye test?

Yes, New York requires every driver to have a vision test when they have initially issued a license and when renewing a license. Under New York law, drivers must have 20/40 vision in one or both eyes, either with or without corrective lenses like glasses or contacts.

What happens if I do not meet those requirements?

Patients who require corrective lenses to achieve 20/40 vision will have a special restriction placed on their license or learner's permit indicating they may not be allowed to operate a motor vehicle unless they are wearing those lenses. Also, some patients may need special lenses called telescopic lenses, which are far stronger than normal lenses. In that case, the state requires a separate form to be filled out and submitted to the DMV so the license can reflect that restriction. Patients with significant problems seeing at night will have a restriction placed on their licenses that indicates “daylight driving only.” Any person who violates these restrictions can be subject to fines and other penalties.

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