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Comprehensive eye exams provide critical information about eye health and vision needs. We are a trusted provider of exams for patients throughout New York City, using state-of-the-art technology at James Leonard Opticians in Midtown Manhattan and Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.

Comprehensive Eye Exams

What is a comprehensive eye exam?

Comprehensive eye exams are designed to provide all the vision testing and eye health assessments necessary to evaluate vision and look for signs of disease or vision disorders. During the exam, patients will undergo a series of evaluations to assess eye health and vision, including dilated exams that use special drops to widen the pupil painlessly so they retina and other internal structures of the eye can be evaluated. When issues are identified, additional testing may be used to pinpoint the cause of problems, and a treatment plan can be developed to address issues so patients can enjoy optimal eye health and the clearest vision possible.

What happens during a comprehensive eye exam?

At the beginning of the exam, a complete patient history will be taken, and any vision problems or symptoms will be reviewed, including issues directly affecting vision as well as chronic headaches that can occur as a result of eye strain or other issues.

How often do I need to have a comprehensive eye exam?

In most cases, adults should have a comprehensive eye exam every one to three years depending on their needs. Generally speaking, older patients may need to be seen every year, to look for signs of age-related diseases that can threaten vision as well as to treat age-related focusing issues. Younger patients with no personal or family history of vision problems may be seen every three years from age 20 to age 40. Children should have an initial exam by about six months of age to look for signs of eye diseases and problems that begin to become apparent soon after birth, then again at age three and right before first grade to make sure there are no vision issues that could impede learning or other activities. Regular comprehensive eye exams should also be performed throughout the school year to make sure issues are addressed as soon as possible while the eye is still developing.

James Leonard Opticians accepts most insurance plans available in the US, including Cigna, Guardian, United Healthcare, NVA, UFT, VSP, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Aetna, Davis Vision, Eye Med Vision Care, Medicare, Oxford Health Plans. Additionally, to find out how you can benefit from our JLO Corporate Plan or if we accept your union plan, please call our office. We will be happy to answer all of your insurance questions.

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